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Lake Forest Firefighter/Paramedic
I am the father of three children and a career firefighter/paramedic. Two of my kids are involved in soccer. Quite honestly, until the tragic passing of Zack (Tran), my wife and I didn’t even think about goal safety. There are countless children involved in soccer throughout the country, doing exactly what we do: practice during the week and games on the weekend. The Anchored for Safety website gives a great amount of information to parents and kids about the importance of goal safety. If parents and coaches take the time to be proactive, another tragedy may be prevented. It’s not just the coach’s responsibility; it’s up to all of us.

Paul Pugliese
Lake Forest Fire Department

Kathy Ryg, Illinois State Representative
I wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Tran Family and all involved in Anchored for Safety. Please join me in increasing awareness of soccer safety. We can all be responsible for ensuring that anchors are used properly and constantly -- our vigilance will mean safe sporting for our children. As State Representative, I especially appreciate the cooperation and consideration of our community and others as we honor Zachary and take these necessary steps in his name.

Kathleen A. Ryg
State Representative District 59
50 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 114
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Local Firefighter/Paramedic
Being safe is an important aspect everywhere we go -- from riding your bike, to wearing your seatbelt, to playing on the soccer field. The Anchored for Safety campaign is dedicated to ensuring that education on soccer goal safety is a high priority to prevent a tragedy from occurring in a community near you. It is a simple step that can be taken; anchoring the goal post and those few seconds spent thinking about everyone's safety can make a lifetime of positive memories for aspiring soccer players and families. Supporting the Anchored for Safety campaign, as they work to educate people on safety issues and prevent needless tragedy from occurring on the soccer field, is something everyone should be committed to.

Kris Kazian

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