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For Our Angel Zachary
Michelle, Jayson, Allison & Rebecca Tran

We are the family of six-year-old Zachary Tran, who in 2003 was the twenty-seventh reported person to die from a falling goalpost since 1979. As the founders of the Anchored For Safety initiative, we dedicate this web site to the memory of our son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend in the hopes that the AFS mission of education and awareness can be met.

October 1, 2003, was a typical day for our family. Michelle, Zach’s mom, drove Zach and two friends to soccer practice. Michelle watched from the sidelines with the other parents and at one point walked away to accompany one of the boys to a nearby restroom.

Minutes later, while Zach was standing on the ground, the 18 x 6 foot, 186 pound goal fell, striking him on the back of the head. Paramedics were unable to revive him and Zachary was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital less than an hour later. The official cause of death was cardiac arrest due to massive head injuries.

The soccer goal in use that day was designed to be anchored with up to four metal stakes, but they were not in place. Witnesses cannot say for certain what caused the goal to topple. Perhaps it was a gust of wind or an uneven playing field – we don’t know. But one thing is certain. Had the soccer goal that fell on him during practice been properly secured or designed to be tip resistant, Zachary would be alive today.

As you can imagine, from that day forward, our lives were forever changed. Our Zach was a vibrant, funny, active six-year-old first-grader in our Vernon Hills, Illinois , community. And now he had suddenly became a memory.

So, we dedicate this site and our efforts to the memory of Our Angel Zachary and to all the victims of soccer goal injuries and deaths. The numbers are too many, and we are sad to say, the incidents of injury and death continue.

Our dedication to the education of soccer parents, players, coaches, referees, associations, park and city officials, and the public at large is the driving force behind the Anchored For Safety initiative.

Thank you for visiting AnchoredForSafety.com and learning more about the importance of soccer goal safety. We hope you find this site useful and informative. Please visit often and feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions.


Jayson, Michelle, Allison and Rebecca Tran…and Our Angel Zachary

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