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Spread the Word

Parents, coaches, and other officials, AFS needs your help in spreading the word about the dangers of unsafe soccer goals and the solutions to these senseless, preventable injuries and deaths.

This PowerPoint® presentation is provided for your use in speaking to community groups, potential sponsors and others who may be able to help AFS in our mission.

click here for downloadable PPT Presentation

Insist that soccer clubs/organization as well as park districts/schools have sound soccer goal safety policies and procedures. Sample policies, procedures and regulations:

Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) Goal Safety Policy
Vernon Hills Park District Soccer Goal Policy

New South Wales Soccer Goal Regulation

Contact info@anchoredforsafety.com with questions.

Making a Difference
People all over the country are doing their part to make soccer goals safe. If you would like to share a story of how someone you know has made a difference please send an e-mail to info@anchoredforsafety.org.

Father Travels with Anchors
After his daughter Julia's injury, John Parisi of Rye Brook, NY, never leaves home without anchors and hammer in hand.

"Although coaches and parents are becoming more aware of the danger soccer goals pose, I continue to arrive on fields in my town and others to find unanchored goals. We must all be vigilant. It is not only game time that is of concern; there are practices, gym time, recess and early evenings when children return to unsupervised fields to play."
- John Parisi of Rye Brook, NY
Read Julia's story

One Community at a Time
Karen Endres, whose nephew Zachary Tran was killed by an unanchored soccer goal, is diligent in her own community of Waunakee, WI. Witnessing unanchored goals in area parks, Karen contacted the parks and recreation department and community leaders to point out the dangers of these unanchored goals. Today, Waunakee is committed to securing soccer goals during practice and games and re-anchors them after mowing and other maintenance.

Karen continues her efforts by speaking to local, state and national groups. For more information, contact kendres@anchoredforsafety.org.

New Goals Will Be Anchored
"I shared the link you gave me with our soccer coaches and youth program sponsors. They were actually just in the process of bidding out new soccer goals for PCM schools and were able to add the ability to anchor them down to the specifications. A local company won the bid and will be constructing them with a plate on the backside so we can permanently anchor them into the fields. Again, I appreciate you passing this along."

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