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Safety Tips

During Practice or Play:
  • Always instruct players on the potential dangers associated with movable soccer goals.
  • Movable soccer goals should only be used on level (flat) fields.
  • Soccer goals - especially movable goals - must be securely anchored or counterweighted at ALL times.
  • Check the structural integrity and proper connecting hardware BEFORE EVERY USE.
  • Replace damaged or missing parts immediately.
  • NEVER allow anyone - especially children - to climb on the net or goal framework.
  • Ensure safety/warning labels are present and clearly visible (placed under the crossbar and on the sides of the down-posts at eye level).

When Moving or Storing Goals:
  • Children should NEVER be allowed to move soccer goals.
  • Adults must always exercise extreme caution when moving goals, allowing adequate manpower.
  • Remove nets when goals are not in use.
  • Fully disassemble goals for seasonal storage.
  • For storage:
    • Chain one goal to another, to itself in a folded down position, or to nearby fence posts, dugouts, or other similar sturdy fixture.
    • Ideally, store movable soccer goals where children WILL NOT have access to them.

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