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Brian’s Story
By Dana McAlister, Brian’s Mom

Four children, all second graders, were playing at recess May 18, 2005. One boy ran into an unanchored goal and it toppled over on to my son who was standing to the side of it. He was trapped under the goal. The boy tried to lift it off Brian and Brian was able to wiggle out from under the goal. The boy went and got a teacher who then yelled for the school nurse. The nurse carried Brian into the office where they called me at work and said I should take Brian to the doctor for diagnosis.

I left work, and called my husband at work to tell him of the accident. He called the paramedics to check Brian at the school. He was afraid to move him again. The head paramedic thought right away that the leg was broken. He suggested we take Brian to an after hours care facility for an x-ray. He and another paramedic then carried Brian out to our car by the chair he was sitting in. At the Family Care Center, Brian’s x-ray showed a very bad break in his femur just above the growth plate. We contacted a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. She met us at Children's Mercy Hospital and scheduled surgery for the following afternoon. He had two pins inserted to hold the bone in place while it healed. He had a cast from his toes to his upper thigh. This cast was on for six weeks. Brian went in for a second surgery to remove the pins on July 1, 2005.

After a month of rehabilitation, Brian began to walk again. He continues to regain strength. He rode his bike for the first time last Saturday! Occasionally, he says his leg hurts. He has a follow-up appointment scheduled with the surgeon October 10. It's been a struggle, but I believe he's over the worst. I hope the surgeon agrees!

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