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Do's and Dont's
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Kids Do's and Dont's

Kids, you can help make soccer safe and fun for everyone! Just remember these important safety rules:

  • Tell an adult – If you see a soccer goal that is not anchored or stored properly, tell your coach, parents or another adult.
  • Remind your friends – It’s NEVER safe to play with, hang from, or move soccer goals. If they won’t get down, tell an adult.
  • Practice with a Buddy – Always have someone with you, even if you you’re just kicking the ball into the net.

  • NEVER take the field during practice or a game if the goal is NOT anchored. If you’re not sure, ask the coach, referee or a parent.
  • NEVER hang from or play on a soccer goal.
  • NEVER move a soccer goal, not even if the coach or a parent asks you to.
  • NEVER practice or play alone.

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