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Soccer Goal Dangers
A gust of wind…a young player…an uneven playing field…In their current design, only 22 pounds of force can bring a 400-pound goal crashing down, injuring – even killing – a player.

Soccer Goal Incidents
Since 1979, approximately 37 people across the U.S. have died as the result of unsafe soccer goals. Many more have been injured. And the statistics don’t play favorites. Players of all ages – youth, middle school, high school, even adults – have been injured or killed when an unsafe goal fell on them. Get Updated Statistics

AFS Mission
AFS is dedicated to educating soccer parents, players, coaches, referees, associations, parks and recreation departments, and the general public concerning the dangers of unsafe soccer goals. Committed to the belief that injuries and fatalities from unsafe soccer goals are preventable, AFS exists to increase awareness among these groups and others, providing support and recommendations for the safe design, handling, repositioning and storage of soccer goals.

Short-term Solution – Anchor All Goals
There is an easy way to make soccer goals safer….Keep goals securely anchored at every use – whether it’s during practice or a game. And re-anchor goals after moving them for mowing or storage. This short-term solution is easy and inexpensive and can help stop completely preventable injuries and deaths.

Long-term Solution – Promote Goals Designed to Maximize Safety
In their current design, soccer goals can weigh up to 400 pounds and are top-heavy because the bars are made of metal. While anchoring unsafe goals goes a long way to prevent incidents, the ultimate answer is to revamp soccer goals, using lighter materials and tip-resistant design. A new ASTM standard for tip-resistant soccer goal (F2673-08) has recently been released and can be found at astm.org. One such design that meets this standard is described here: New Stable Goal Design

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