Any coach who participates in practice or a game where the goals are not securely anchored shall be fined not less than $200 and

suspended for a minimum of not less than one (1) calendar year from the date of the practice or game involved. In the event the goal

is not securely anchored the entity (team, club, league, state) that has primary responsibility for the field or event upon which the

unsecured goal is situated shall be fined $1000. Coach means the head coach, any assistant coach, trainer or any other team official

present at the time of the violation. The entity against which a fine is imposed shall be in bad standing until the fine imposed is paid.

Each team shall maintain in written form a record for each team practice, in which the coach, assistant coach, trainer or other responsible

person shall certify that he or she has performed a physical inspection of the goals used in the practice to verify the goals were securely


Each league shall require each club or individual team unaffiliated with a club to certify in writing that it has in place a program to ensure

that goals it uses are adequately secured, that its goals have been and will be inspected by a member of the club or team (not a coach)

prior to each game or practice. Each club and team shall further certify it has communicated to the parent or guardian of each player

the dangers of unsecured goals and their responsibility to assure that goals are secure. Each league shall certify to Illinois Youth Soccer

that its clubs and teams have complied with these requirements prior to their annual registration.